Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 8: Landing in Newfoundland

We woke early to catch the ferry.  We were required to arrive 2 hours prior to boarding the boat.  Aboard the ship we sunk into comfy chairs and relaxed in front of the big screen TVs, occasionally touring the sundeck up above to observe the panoramic view trying to determine the line where the sky met the ocean.
As we neared docking time we decided to sit in the restaurant on the boat where the windows faced the front of the ship to get a good view of Newfoundland when arrived.  Did we ever get a good view!  We sat next to 3 men who appearance and behaviour was odd to say the least.  The first man was older man in about his sixties.  He wore dirty, worn clothing and a baseball cap.  The second man was much younger.  He appeared as if were the first time he had ever left the safety of the indoors.  His skin was a a pale foggy white.  His eyes were deep set and bulged from their sockets.  The third could only be described as a know-it-all who barked out the most obvious of comments while resting his hands inside the lining of his sweatpants. They decided we were the target of their next friendship.  We had a few chuckles with them and before we knew it the ferry was docked and it was time to go.
Our campsite was amongst thick forest that opened up to a rocky lake below us.  We decided to make a special dinner to celebrate our arrival in Newfoundland. We made a lemon dill salmon, rice, beans with honey and almonds, and fried clams.  It was a delectable feast.  Julia and I describe the salmon as how we always wanted salmon to taste.  It was delicate and moist.  The stars hung above our heads as we ate, so bright.   I even caught a glimpse of a shooting star with a vibrant green tail.

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