Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day 4: Fulfilling Childhood Dreams

We had an excellent start to the day when Aunty Joyce offered us an assortment of coffee.  She brought out a dark oak box with various flavors of coffee in colourful metallic cups.  It was a coffee treasure chest.  We picked our coffee after carefully researching each flavour in a booklet that provide a rich description of each cup.  Coffee was followed by hot crossed buns, toast, and oranges.  Thanks Aunty Joyce!
Then we were off to take the metro to downtown Toronto.  Our first stop was the Hockey Hall of Fame.  It was a fantastic blend of history and activity.  I must admit I felt a little sorry for Brent touring around the museum with two girls clueless about the sport.  But his expertise quickly turned to our advantage, because we got our own tour guide.  He patiently explained each exhibit and the backstory to each player and team. I had one goal.... To touch the Stanley Cup.  But while we were at the museum the cup was on it's own Canadian tour to visit the hometowns of the La Kings, being triumphantly held above the head of Willie Mitchell over looking the Rocky Mountains.  However, Brent explained that there are 3 real cups. The original cup which was there inside a vault (the museum was originally a bank) at the museum, which was first Stanley Cup.  It was behind glass, so I settled for a picture.  Then Brent described the touring cup, which is what we see on tv.  And finally, the third cup, the display cup.  As I exited the vault I entered a large room with a high stained glass ceiling, surround by various trophies enclosed in glass.  And at the far end was the display cup.  It stood proud, expertly polished, and free from a glass case.  I walked up and touched it.  The three of us stood next to the Canadian icon, we were in the presence of a true victorious legacy.  I don't know if it was the intensity of the moment or my hunger but it was time to take a lunch break for so mediocore Thai soup in the food court.  
When we returned it was time for the interactive part.  There were simulators where you could shoot the puck or be the goalie.  But my favourite part was the play by play simulator where your voice is recorded while you describe the game you see on the tv screen.  All in all, the Hockey Hall of Fame was a lot fun.
Next we were off to the CN Tower.  We took the elevator up to the top and looked at the skyline of Toronto.  On this level there was also a glass floor that you could walk on.  Cautiously, we edged our way onto the tip of the glass floor.  Julia and I needed a little more convincing that it was safe to step on.  Brent went for the gusto and walked right across the floor from end to end. But I like a challenge and eventually mustered up the courage to follow in Brent's footsteps. The fear of seeing the ground so far beneath you was almost paralyzing.  After we calmed our anxiously beating hearts we took an elevator up to the highest point of the tower.  It looked like a flea circus below, the people tiny black dots, the cars like hot wheels.  
By the time we came back down it was starting to get late, but we had one more stop; the CBC studio.  Inside was empty, everyone had gone home for the day.  We were too late.  But we toured the empty halls.  The floor was paved with stars with names of the CBC personalities; Rick Mercer, Don Cherry, etc.  Then we saw it. Standing out in the open in the hall. Mr. Dressup's tree.  We climbed the front, and took pictures.  But our sense of childlike exploration began to grow.   I creeped around back and found the door inside. Surely it would be locked.  I pulled at the door and it opened.  Julia excitement bubbled over.   We got in side.  We were inside Mr. Dressup's tree.  It was a place where childhood expectation, imagination, and dreams come to meet.  We were all in disbelief that we were inside the tree, but I must admit, Julia wins for the most excited.  She bounced around wide eyed.  I could practically see the four year in her awake up.

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