Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 1: Three Apples and a Watermelon

Our long journey began with the misfortune of packing early morning in the rain.  We stuffed our bags and camping gear into every cranny of the Mazda trunk and upper roof storage, filled our hands and tummies with Tim Hortons coffee and began our trek towards the states.  A quicker passage to the North.
After many ridiculous conversations we reached the boarder.  We popped over to the Duty Free.  I decided that I wanted to get a toque, a true Canadian August purchase.  Julia found a stand that had toques that looked like various Canadian animals.  She tried on one that looked liked a moose.  She decided that it made her look too much like a child, which beats the alternative of believing it made her look too much like a moose, and left it of the shelf.
We were finally ready to approach customs.  We waited with our ID ready, and I was prepared to answer any questions, maybe a little too prepared.  When they  asked if we had any fruit I replied three apples and a watermelon.  When they asked me where it was from I said Safeway.  Brent and Julia found this exceptionally funny and stifled their laughter until we were safely back on the highway.  Back on the road we imagined what awaited us in Canada.  I really hoped to see a puffin.  Actually, I hope to hug a puffin.  This dream was a mistake to share with Brent.  He felt that he had a better chance to hug a dinosaur than I did hugging a puffin.  And the $10 bet was made.  We'll see Brent....
12 hours later we had reached our first destination the Wisconsin dells, the family version of Las Vegas.  We were surrounded by lights, and watersides, life sized pirate ship, a Paul Bunyan mega breakfast buffet, wizards and mystery, and so much more.  But we didn't have time to stay and play we need to find the Wanna Bee Campground.  
At the campground we were greeted by a giant angry bee costume at the front door next to the bee hive restaurant.  We sat down and ordered something to drink after a long journey.  We had the whole hive to ourselves.  So, we began taking photos of the place, and of course of the giant bee.  That's when the woman behind the counter told us we could put on the bee head!  We each took turns dressing as a giant bee!  A bee-autiful end to the first day.

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